Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mission Week 81, Tacna Peru

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has gotten better,  I have been able to really hit the pavement and give it my all. This week We had an emergency change, Elder Pintado was sent to the office so he could recover from the back problems that he was having. His replacement was Elder Hinostroza. President was not to excited to be sending Elder Jones a new trainer because he had only had a week but he determined that the best thing to do was send me for a week help Elder Jones get his feet wet and then send Him his new trainer. I was in Ciudad Nueva this week Training Elder Jones. Knowing that it was an area that had been struggling for baptisms for some time now I new that I had to start from the beginning. I talked to the bishop and arranged for a meeting with him the ward secretary and the first counselor. I found out that relations with the ward mission leader were not great so I arrange for a meeting with him and told him that we just wanted to get to work and needed to know where to start. We found ourselves having lessons with less actives contacting looking for directions and we were moving a ton in the area. I got to know a lot of the area and many of its members. It was amazing how at the end of the week I did not want to go. The Bishop told me that he was going to call president and tell him that I had to stay. It was a fantastic week and during that week my companion organized the baptism for Sister Evelyn. She was so happy to be baptized. She has come a long way and has truly repented for the past and she is excited to make good choices in the future. She asked that I baptize her and that Elder Behotas could confirm her. It was an amazing experience and Elder Jones and I were able to take a few investigators to the baptism and they want to be baptized in the fallowing weeks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mission Week 78 & 79, Tacna Peru

Elder Tanner did not write an email for Week 78.  Week 79 we were able to hear multiple voice recordings how his week went and a song they sang.  He is interested in extending his mission; learning tons; lots of new missionaries coming into Tacna this week.....is keep super busy.

Mission Week 80, Tacna PERU

Prayer really does work,

Hey mom! This week has been difficult but a great growing experience. 

This week was very hard. We spent most of our time visiting leaders and we had a hard time having visits with investigators. We did happen to challenge someone to baptism but that is based on the grounds that I baptize him on Christmas day.
Are there chances that I could stay here until Christmas?
We found two less actives this week. They are a hoot. We joked around with them talking about their mission experiences. Both are returned missionaries. We do not have a lot of experienced teaching Inactive married Returned missionaries but I am determined to help them get back to church.