Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mission Week Twenty Moquegua

This Week has not been the most productive week We have had... My Companion and I have been taking turns being sick with the flu and more. Although we didn't have much time to leave and teach we had a lot of time to study the gospel! I was able to read a good portion of the Book of Mormon and sharpen up my Spanish! I realized How much being out Teaching helps with your testimony! It was much harder to keep the spiritual growth that I was having before when I was able to leave the room. The Blessings from the mission are huge and they are not easily won. It takes a ton of obedience and patience. I know that these two years will not be easy at times they will not be fun but they will be the best two years for my life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mission Week Eighteen Moquegua/San Francisco

My area is new! Also I am moving to my new room soon but the good/bad news is that The zone leaders Left sanfrancisco 2 and no one is coming to replace them!!! MY NEW AREA IS SANFRANCISCO MOQUEGUA!!!!! ITS HUGE AND THERE A LOTS OF PEOPLE AND I AM SCARED!!!

Today is the first day of the last transfer that I have in moquegua. This transfer has made an unusual amount of change in the mission and its a little hard to adjust to, We have completely new leaders and the only person that is here from my first change is Hermana Sanchez. With new transfers we have new challenges. In this transfer all of our district leaders and zone leaders left including Elder Webb and Elder Mackay. We shared a pension with them and spent a good amount of time together everyday. They Left Our zone of San Francisco and no one is coming to replace them. The area of Elder Guzman and I has now doubled in size and with that size comes many more investigators, and members. We are not sure how we are going to be able work with it all, but we will figure it out soon. More than anything it has been extremely lonely in San Francisco, Elder Webb and Elder Mackay were not only extremely excellent leaders but very close friends. I was looking at all the photos that Elder Webb had on his camera and I found it extremely funny that he had all of my time on the mission in his camera with photos from all the major events I have had in the mission. I can´t describe how much they have helped me in the five first months of the mission. Right now I am looking forward to the new challenges! The number one strength for me right now is Elder Guzman! I could trust him with absolutely everything and he is very calm and collected and never runs out of patience. I learned from him that many of the latinos in the mission don´t have proper grammer, actually its quite the abhorrence to him. Good news for me studied history and languages before the mission and his spanish is amazing. We always remember to work hard with a smile on our face and we will continue to do so until the day that they decide to send me somewhere else(Approximately 1.5 months) but until then i will be here! SAN FRAN MOQUEGUA!! CIAO!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mission Week Seventeen Moquegua

This week was a little bit slow but Sunday came and dropped blessings like rain! The missionaries have been working with a Sister in our ward for about a year now and she has been going to church but she has a person who she is living with and they are not married. we had just gotten back from the church when we recieved a call from the young womans president saying that we needed to come to the church. This investigator had asked to talk to the bishop of the ward and told him that she was ready to move on in her spirtiual journey with or without her partner and that she needed to be baptized and soon! It was amazing and then we talked to a father of a recent convert who is going through a similar challange but He has seen the blessings in his daughters lifes and he wants the same for himself and his two oldest children!

Needless to say the Field is white in San Francisco Moquegua but its up to us to get to work! 

Mission Week Sixteen Moquegua

I have had a fairly tough week  but I am looking forward to the challenges of the mission. We only have so much time in the mission, only so much time to grow. I have always noticed a huge difference in the people who come back from their missions. At times I ask myself "am I changing the way the lordwould want me to change?" I have been taking a lot of things for granted on the mission. I give thanks in my prayers but I feel like I can still do more. It has helped motivate me during the hard times. I have never been the best at anything but I am giving my best to the lord.

I want to tell you how much Elder Guzman has helped me a lot in this change together that we have had and I still absolutely love Moquegua. Elder Guzman told me I was probably going to leave this change after you told me that I had accumulated some time here in Moquegua. I would be sad to leave but willing to go wherever I am needed.