Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CCM Week Three

Hey guys!
I have got the photoshop picture from  my weber buddies and i couldnt stop laughing! The CCM has been treating me great I can talk pretty well in spanish but the great thing is that there is no end goal! on a mission it is constant improvement and there is little time for rest. We study eat study eat study eat sleep and do it all over again. The Food here is great and the people are super nice. I have befriended two of the latino elders who are as animated as i am! We are talking in spanglish and it is extremely helpful for learning the language. My district is fantastic there are ten of us in one class and we do everything together. We all help eachother and constantly seek to serve one another.  This is a very stressful place, however, the message of the gospel is happiness and before you preach it, you´ve got to live it.
 My district was chosen as part of a pilot test group for a new teaching method. The president of all the MTC´s is coming here to observe us while we teach investigators while in the mtc. These aren´t real investigators but they are real scenarios and we probably haven´t ever talked to the actors or actresses before. Its super intimidating but i am sure District 109 is up for the test! so far my favorite part of the MTC has been my teachers. they are insanely good at teaching and they are always trying to help and push us farther. My goal this week is to be more diligent in personal study because i often find myself day dreaming. The CCM is a very blessed place i have learned more spanish then i did french in highschool and i have only been here for two weeks.... i think... Moreover i miss you guys a ton but i know that this is where i am suppose to be! I love you guys so much and i am using all the talents you taught me to become a better missionary. OH also i have proven myself to the latinos to be one of the best gringo soccer players! We play soccer everyday for an hour and it is a ton of fun! it reminds me of my weber state tournament where we had a ton of fun! anyways thats all from elder tanner this week but i will email you guys more next week!
Love elder tanner

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CCM Week Two

This week in the CCM the spanish has become alot more complicated but i use a ton of aditional study for language study! Also the gift of tongues is real. I can confidently talk to locals and keep up a pretty good conversation! Okay Hermana Simmons says hello to kaitlyn and Lindsey Larsen! Hermanna Simmons is the Heptathlete from BYU. The other day i was playing soccer and i was running to catch a ball, then i tripped into the edge of the sidewalk, I have Water on the Knee or bursitis, but Hermana Simmons probably Has a meniscus tear or an MCL Sprain. She Has recovered quickly and she was the very first person i have ever blessed! It was an awesome feeling!
Challenge of the week to everyone! You have to find a fruit called a Granadilla it is probably the best fruit i have ever eaten, You dont chew the seeds you just slurp it like jello! It is really good but kinda strange! I have enjoyed all the exotic and new food here in the CCM.
I was blessed today with a friend from idaho! Hermana Stephenson was in the capilla and it was great to see a friendly face from good ol idaho! The Food has still been treating me well and We had the first group of latinos and advanced americans to leave! The other elders warned me that you get super attachted and you become realy good friends with the latino elders and then they leave and it is unfortunate because now you have to reateach all the newbies english and they arent your super great friends. sorry for the lack of apostraphes i cant find the button on the spanish keyboard! So far we have gone to Two of the shopping places to go on Pday one of them is like albertsons and the other is a giant walmart with little garage shops on the side. One of the people in my district had a  five minute lesson with one of the locals on teh bus and they gave them a book of mormon.
The CCM Is deffinately blessed as a place of learning. Sorry for all the typos in this email I dont have anytime to look over anyting i have written. I have had so many blessings the spanish is coming easily and my teachers are super cool! Our district is speaking better spanish then alot of the poeple they just sent out into the field, our teachers are super impressed with our ability to retain knowledge, however there is always room to improve and we need not rest for the lords work is grand, and we must do all we can. We have a schedule and all the time of every day is filled with studies and classes. Okay first off i have to say I am so proud of my weber family and Espescialy Lindsey for getting a pic with my family but i gave you guys a shout out and only two of you emailed me, ;D nah i am just teasing! You guys are all probably swiming in college homework but i want you to know that the lord never gives us a challenge that we cannot  acomplish! Nephi 3:7
well thats all from elder tanner for this week but i love you guys and keep up the hard work! I just want you guys to know this saying "Siempre Sonrisas, Todos Los Dias" It means Always smiles, all the days! your smiling can lift people up and improve the day durastically its insane how much it helps.
Elder Tanner

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CCM Week One

Just writing my very first official P Day emial! My companion is elder heath, he is from california and he is pretty cool. He is a ton like Nathan from Weber! except I found nathan more agreeable the classes are insanely hard but i am speaking better spanish then i ever could french. Sometimes i will try to say a spanish word and french gets in the way. Que en el mundo! Its been so much fun i am sending you with a picture of my companion and i, with our two teachers. My roommates are awesome, they got here two weeks ago and one of them already speaks like a latino! The CCM is what we call the peru MTC. I can keep up a pretty good conversation with the latinos and they are all really cool! I also have a mutual friend with almost every single gringo here its insane! We had a mach lesson with one of our teachers and we did pretty well. Today we went to the Peru Temple which is a lot like the Boise one but smaller and when i stepped into the last room I burst into tears as i was flooded with toughts of home! All i could think was " I am home!" It was so amazing and I first thougt that this was because it was similar to Idaho. But i realized that when i stepped into that room it was not only my earthly family that i was feeling but my eternal family as well! The gospel is true wherever you go and whatever language you speak it was absolutely amazing! I love you so much and i want you to know that my stomach is absolutely loving the food! i have never had such a peace in my stomach it is truly a blessing.
Hey everybody! Just a quick shoutout to my weber family! Thanks for Teaching me some spanish and making me the best gringo to play football with the latinos! So far the CCM has been nothing but studying spanish and the gospel which is great! Its a little rough at times but i always am able to improve my speaking day by day! Right now its about 85 degrees and it hasnt rained once. The food here has been great and i have adjusted with little stress. I have an awesome companion who is almost exactly like Nathan except Elder Heathis alot more stubborn! Miss ya Nathan! We get along pretty good and we are both learning spanish super fast. Alot of the people in the CCM (Peru MTC) Have mutual friends whom i know back home. Hermana Simmons from my district was looking at my family photo and she pointed at Katilyn and said "THATS MY BOSS" She used to work as a phone-a-thon member at BYU. It was funny and we all had a good laugh Its insane how much i want to tell you guys but being the forgetful being that I am, I left my journal in my room. Hey Soccer buddies, Guess who stole a ball from a latino! I DID! we play soccer all the time and the latinos are all super good! Its a fun way to spend our Physical activity time! However almost all the time in the CCM is Study Time! Its nuts! I thought I was goin to throw up the first day i got off the plane because everyone was speaking spanish and i understood absolutely nothing they were saying! Classes are really stressfull and you cannot even blink or you will be o behind on the lesson that you have no clue what anyone is saying! My favorite exclamation in spanish is "QUE EN EL MUNDO!" because it has no meaning in spanish. Learning the language is really hard but I can do hard things! Thankyou Brother Kjar for the stickers! I have a small testimony in spnaish and it was inspired by the diffuclties that i endured while on the star stake trek.
Yo se que vida es muy dificile, Nosotrous tenamos problemas pero con fe en jesucristo y su elvangelio, nosotrous vivamos dia a dia.
I love you guys and I just want you to know that I think about you everyday! With a heavy heart I flew to peru, but I can feel all your arms around me as I say my prayers each night! I want all my families to know that I will be home before you know it! I love you all so much!

-Elder Tanner