Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CCM Week Three

Hey guys!
I have got the photoshop picture from  my weber buddies and i couldnt stop laughing! The CCM has been treating me great I can talk pretty well in spanish but the great thing is that there is no end goal! on a mission it is constant improvement and there is little time for rest. We study eat study eat study eat sleep and do it all over again. The Food here is great and the people are super nice. I have befriended two of the latino elders who are as animated as i am! We are talking in spanglish and it is extremely helpful for learning the language. My district is fantastic there are ten of us in one class and we do everything together. We all help eachother and constantly seek to serve one another.  This is a very stressful place, however, the message of the gospel is happiness and before you preach it, you´ve got to live it.
 My district was chosen as part of a pilot test group for a new teaching method. The president of all the MTC´s is coming here to observe us while we teach investigators while in the mtc. These aren´t real investigators but they are real scenarios and we probably haven´t ever talked to the actors or actresses before. Its super intimidating but i am sure District 109 is up for the test! so far my favorite part of the MTC has been my teachers. they are insanely good at teaching and they are always trying to help and push us farther. My goal this week is to be more diligent in personal study because i often find myself day dreaming. The CCM is a very blessed place i have learned more spanish then i did french in highschool and i have only been here for two weeks.... i think... Moreover i miss you guys a ton but i know that this is where i am suppose to be! I love you guys so much and i am using all the talents you taught me to become a better missionary. OH also i have proven myself to the latinos to be one of the best gringo soccer players! We play soccer everyday for an hour and it is a ton of fun! it reminds me of my weber state tournament where we had a ton of fun! anyways thats all from elder tanner this week but i will email you guys more next week!
Love elder tanner

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