Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Saturday, March 14, 2015

CCM Week Four

Hey Guys,

Its Elder Tanner, I am doing great, Spanish is really hard to learn but i can already keep up a good conversation and we are learning to talk in all of the different past forms! it’s a ton of learning to do but I am Definitely getting help. The CCM is still probably one of the most beautiful places I have lived aside from my home! It’s Just an insanely awesome place to be! The Food here is still good it’s always chicken or beef with rice day in and day out! One of the lunch ladies always gives me a ton of food! We became advanced CCM people today which means we leave in two weeks for the campo which is an insane thought, yo estoy muy nervoso! But it’s going to be insane!

In two weeks exactly! I will leave in the morning and i won’t get to email. One of our Hermana’s isn’t going to her mission she completely tore her ACL while playing soccer That was the one that i got to bless for the first time! Elder heath and I were called as Zone Leaders! Now we are avansados which means advanced! its super great and the atmosphere couldn’t be better!

We are about to be observed by the Person in charge of all the MTCs its super insane

The last two pictures are of my district! We are all super close and we love each other in the most Christ like way.

Yeah we ride these super crowded busses and we are compacted like sardines; a lot of the people on the streets don’t want to talk but every now and then we place a book of Mormon!

:D love elder tanner

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