Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mission Week Two Moquegua

Hey Guys


On a more spiritual note my testimony has grown tenfold!!

This week has been great but on Monday i lost my scriptures. I left them in a taxi! When i told my companion he was absolutely devastated as well! I told my companion that if the lord wanted me to have my scriptures i had the faith that the lord would make sure that found their way back to me! That night I went home and cried because i use my English scriptures so much because Spanish is still a little difficult for me to understand! I prayed and prayed for my scriptures to find their way back to me and prayed that the lord would help my unbelief. The next morning me and my companion were eating breakfast when we received a call from the sisters in a different part of Moquegua! They told me that they had my scriptures safe and sound! I still can’t believe that i have my scriptures this day. I also was able to read a story of my friends who had a deadly car accident but they escaped unscathed! I pray every day for the safety and health of my friends and i know that the lord has blessed my life so much! I love you guys and i am thankful for the blessings that you have given me that I can share with the people of Peru! That’s all from elder Tanner this week Chow!

I love the people here the only bad thing is the dogs!  I need something to repel the dogs because everyone has been bitten except me and i do not want to be bitten!

Elder Tanner

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