Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Week One Moquegua

Hey guys!

I arrived in Arequipa about a week ago and they had us go through a celebration of receiving our companions and when i got up they told me i was going to Moquegua which is a large city with dust and people and some areas where they can grow fruit! It is surrounded by sand but the people here are amazing! so far we have three baptisms and we are having alot of success with the members.

I was the only gringo sent outside of the main city I am in Moquegua! It makes Nevada look like a rainforest! I would send a picture but it takes forever

I haven’t had time to think since i arrived here its super dirty and always dry and hot but it is beautiful I love the members and the ward here is fantastic. I can understand almost all the words I hear, i want to stay right here in Moquegua! It is LO MAXIMO!

My room is pretty small and the floor is always dusty i am standing at the door but its all good! The Food here is great i am really sad because i can’t send you a picture of Mamita Luz! She is our Pensanista! She is super nice and she always calls me Flacco Which means skinny and tells me that she is going to make me fat in six weeks which might be true because i have been gaining weight i don’t fit into my jeans as well as i did! The food here is great and it is very povertous! i thought that some areas in lima were bad but it is definitely worse here but the people are still very happy and i am happy too! 

Elder tanner


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