Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mission Week Three Moquegua

: A Fire, A Flood, and An Earthquake

This week Moquegua has been shaken to its core and washed clean of its top layer of dirt which underneath is more dirt! There was also a fire close to our room, it destroyed about three houses. A few days after the fire it started to rain when we were in a family home evening with a Family who lives in the highest part of our area and the rain started to poor! It was absolutely insane and the roads were like muddy rivers! My Comp and I went straight home! Luckily our apartment wasn’t flooded like a few other missionaries and dozens of members’ homes! It was more water that Moquegua could handle! It ruined a lot of water pipes so our water supply has been a iffy! Also Sunday We had an earthquake! it was a pretty bad one but i slept right through it! My companion started snoring the other night and i had to use Kaitlyn Tanners Clap Method to get him to stop long enough so i could go to sleep! Other than that we have been doing pretty good in Moquegua we always have lots of investigators and we are having a lot of success in this area! I am looking forward to six months here in Moquegua and the challenges that come with it, because Jesus Christ suffered all things so he could walk shoulder to shoulder with us ever day of our lives! I know that he is there and i can feel him catch me when i start to fall spiritually physically and mentally! He is always there to lend a hand we just have to reach out for him and i promise that he will always be there for us  This is Alejandra  he is a member missionary who is always helping me and my companion anyways that’s all from elder tanner this week i am doing well!



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