Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mission Week Seventeen Moquegua

This week was a little bit slow but Sunday came and dropped blessings like rain! The missionaries have been working with a Sister in our ward for about a year now and she has been going to church but she has a person who she is living with and they are not married. we had just gotten back from the church when we recieved a call from the young womans president saying that we needed to come to the church. This investigator had asked to talk to the bishop of the ward and told him that she was ready to move on in her spirtiual journey with or without her partner and that she needed to be baptized and soon! It was amazing and then we talked to a father of a recent convert who is going through a similar challange but He has seen the blessings in his daughters lifes and he wants the same for himself and his two oldest children!

Needless to say the Field is white in San Francisco Moquegua but its up to us to get to work! 

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