Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mission Week 83, Tacna Peru; "find the means to keep going on"

Mom it has been a very very challenging week. We had correlations with all three stakes. Later President came down for interviews and a stake conference. While president was here Every stake leader wanted to talk to him... It was a lot of correlating but in the end it all worked out. President went back to Arequipa Sunday. He told me that this trip was the smoothest trip he has had and he felt like he had accomplished a lot because I had scheduled him things to do for almost every hour he was here. I am not going to lie that it used up a lot of my concentration and Sunday I was paying the consequences but the lord always comes through and when we should be absolutely dead because we have nothing left to give it comes out of somewhere.

Elmer Is awesome. He is from tacna and He is a rather serious person who takes a lot of time reflecting and meditating what he will say and do. It is a refreshing change from before. This week I was trying to do the informs for all three stakes which would usually take Elder Behotas and I three hours. I was talking while Elmer got board and organize EVERY THING IN THE ROOM. That being said the room was left in a horrendous condition when Elder Behotas Left I will send you a photo and I will send you a photo now. He has been a huge blessing, However yesterday was to much for me the ward has not been pleased with the absence that the interviews. I did not know what to do being as president had given us the assignment also to work in another ward. I was ready to lose my mind. Elmer said that he noticed that I always took the responsibility upon myself and he did not know how he could help because he has never done any of these things. He encouraged me to pray and look for support from my heavenly father because if I am here in these whirlwind of tasks and preoccupations. I did exactly that and somewhere I was able to find the means to keep on going.

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