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Elder Tanner

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mission Week Five Moquegua

So far all i have needed for the mean dogs was a bottle of water and they all have stopped bothering me and don’t cross my path when they see me coming even the ones who live on the roofs don’t bother me! I am sending letters and i am going to be sending letters every week because There is so much to do during the two hours we have in internet and i am going to print off more emails and send more letters! So all of you who have been sending me emails and didn’t get a response this week expect a note in the write you email somewhere in the blog (Because it’s cheaper just to send them all to one place). Besides that this week in the past was hard! My companion broke the water heater.... not really broke it more just unfixed it.... and having to take cold showers is just one more thing that tries to add weight to my day but i am doing great for now! A lot of our investigators who are progressing and want to get baptized don’t keep their commitments or go to church and the investigators who go to church and keep their commitments don’t want to be baptized. It’s also difficult because I cannot speak the language perfectly and when someone is telling me about a personal experience and i am trying to listen while they are crying i can’t understand what they are saying and i have no idea how to comfort or help them... One thing that has been a major Blessing is my pensionista Mama Luz. She feeds my companion and I along with our zone leaders, she is determined to make me round like a plump before i head out to a new area! I have been gaining weight and where most missionaries struggle and are sick for the first six months I have had little to no side effects! It has been a blessing from my heavenly father because never in my life before have I been able to gain weight but here i am gaining little by little every day!

 thought it looked like Diesel :D But there is a dog that looks a ton like daisy who stays on the fourth platform but he isn’t very nice but he won’t let you leave until you have scratched him on the head
Something fun that we got to do last week after i emailed you was eat Guinea pig Specifically this one It was pretty good just a lot of work to get all the meat out of him

This week i also got the opportunity to teach Regina! She is our investigator and she can speak English very well! The lesson was excellent and she is getting more and more prepared for baptism but is hesitant because she was offended by a recent convert who was feeling a little self-righteous. After the Lesson we walked with her to her house because she lives close to our Pensionista. We talked about music and a little bit more in English. She is an English teacher for a local school. We were about to leave when my companion noticed a baby humming bird right above her door was sitting a little bird! It was a baby Hummingbird that continually stays in front of her house and I thought it was pretty cool!

Everyone tells me that my Spanish is leaps and bounds ahead of where it should be and all the members are amazed at how i speak to them because the gringo before me didn’t talk at all the first six weeks.

One thing that I find very peculiar and amusing here is that people drink everything out of plastic bags! You will rarely find a water bottle on a person in public! Everyone will have a little bag of juice or tea or whatever they want because that’s how it works here in Moquegua! Also some of the elders don’t have Pensionistas and they are constantly taking food with them everywhere and every tuesday and thursday i see one elder specifically carrying a bag of chocolate milk. I decided to buy one the other day because it is very cheap and they say it is really good! I drank the whole bag in one night! (AND I DIDNT HAVE STOMACH PROBS for mom :D) I will definitely be buying more bags of chocolate milk in the future!


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