Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mission Week Six Monquegua

Well This week has been amazing and stressful! We had changes and i get to spend another month and a half in my favorite place in moquegua! This place has really become my home! We went to a park called Cristo Blanco for P-day last week and we had Grill. No one could get the fire started underneath so i plopped down and got to work and had a corner of it lit and then started blowing like crazy to get all the coals glowing! Everyone called me Dragon Tanner after that, Thanks to band and my bassoon Buddy Anna Leaman I was able to learn how to have the breathing patter of a whale! God gives us talents no matter what they are!


Also This week we had the Condori Family come with us to the baptism of Maddy Faith! Nilda is eleven years old and She has wanted to be baptized for a long time but just the other day her father signed and gave her permission to be baptized! She is excited and the future is looking bright.


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