Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mission Week 31 Tacna, Peru

This week has been a hard week but it has been a good week. I found myself not knowing where to go or what to do in so many different situations. I eventually found myself letting god direct everything in my life! When I handed him everything he showed me what he could do. We found more less actives and every person who we could never find before. It was amazing. We had been looking for about five less actives in the same area, We had tried to find them with my last companion Elder Perez and for some reason they were all leaving their houses when we happened to be wandering by because we felt like we needed to. Some of them invited us to teach them others told us that we could pass by during a specific time to visist them. I know that when we let god guide our path, he will never lead us astray.
Love Elder T

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