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Elder Tanner

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mission Week 39, Arequipa Mission Home

I am doing really good... yesterday was a really hard day and I had a training with someone from the area! He was super cool and he taught me how to do things as a financial secretary... I now feel like I could look at the budget of a company and see where they were falling through. It is super cool to be here. Sometimes overwhelming but I am always learning something new! 

Right now I am sending Money to all the people who need a little bit extra because their area is so big. I am working with the zone leaders to make sure and Clarify who is getting what amount of Money. Its not the funnest part of my job but its okay...

We have been teaching tons of Converts! There have been thirteen baptisms in the past six months and our number one focus is retention! Its amazing to see how a very determined Elder can bring so many souls to the truth. We do not have very many investigators and we are not finding very many new ones... all of the ones we have are super busy with finishing school and work for the Christmas season. Everyone is busy this time of year but the recent converts always make time for the missionaries!

One of our recent converts is named Paul! He feels a little bit overwhelmed with his new calling but he will be fine! I hope we did not scare him...

Awesome to know that the kitchen is almost done! Can you send me a picture? Also Obispito went to serpost yesterday and there are no packages from the states here in Arequipa. They must be in Lima and Serpost is operating at ten percent capacity. So the packages are coming slowly but surely and the strike is starting to break but its PerĂº so who knows what could happen.

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and missionary work. They are both amazing but the best is when they are put together! We have been teaching so much about the Christmas season. I have often talked about many of the testimonies that were shared from the video too! I am super excited to talk to you guys!!! 

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