Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mission Week 40, Arequipa Mission Home

Firstly Brother Evans is super awesome! Elder Carter has a few photos that I will ask for. Brother Evans came down with a group of dentists who just came down to do dental work for free! They got in contact with the nurses and the nurses asked us if we could help translate. Elder Carter did not really want to do it at first but I needed a break from my training as Financial secretary so I convinced him to go. We went and it was a BLAST!!! We had a ton of fun and there were three members in the group. We learned a lot of dental terminology and we translated between the Latinos and the Gringos. It was a ton of fun. Brother Evans was a complete boss. There were a few other students but whenever there was a kid who started to give the dentists problems he came in and pulled teeth filled cavities. It was super cool. I learned a ton to about dentistry! I saw what a cavity was like and what you needed to do to fix it. Also how to pull teeth. For a few days I wanted to study to become a pediatric dentist. Yeah then that kinda blew over and I forgot about it until just now! It was super fun... I thought I had told you about it. 

Answer to the question of the day. no 😢 but it is coming and it will be here before Christmas 😄. I am super excited for Christmas. I think I am going to buy a pair of headphones and a battery today.


Thats awesome about Jake doing well this year. Oooh one Interesting thing that I heard was the new president has been announced. I have finished three of the things on my list of ten things to do! It was super fun! Yesterday we had a ward talent show and we did a sketch called The Death of Elder Webb. I was the one who killed him. It was a ton of fun and everyone loved it. We were doing it on a whim because we had never taken the time to practice because when you are in the office time is something that just does not exist. Every Saturday the internet gets super slow and it makes me want to shoot people because I can never send videos or pictures home because they approximate time to upload them is about 2 years 245 days and 13 seconds. I CANNOT LISTEN TO MY MOTAB!!!! I will try to remember to send you guys the video of the sketch on Monday because the wifi Always tanks on Saturdays. Thats a little bit of what is happening here in the office. 


Elder Tanner

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