Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mission Week 42 Arequipa Mission home 2016

This week has been an insane week. first I am going to talk about lesson stuff,

We have been teaching a couple and they are awesome. Their names are RenĂ© and Alicia. They have a daughter and they have had a few huge challenges pass in their lives but they have remained together. Their daughter has been their major motivation. We have only visited them three times and they already came to church. The other day we went to the house with two members it was insanely disapointing. The members asked us what we were going to teach. We told them that we felt like we were going to talk about marriage. The members started to murmur... They asked us how many lessons we had and how well we knowed them, They all said no its way to soon to talk about marriage. That would be a mistake you should definately not talk about marriage. You guys may have the spirit but you need to teach with intellegince too. OH MY GOODNESS!  We went to the lessons and within thirty seconds we were talking about marriage. She had just talked with her husband about their plans for marriage. So goes to show LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT.

I went to presidents house to move around some old documents with Elder Hildebrandt and we ended fixing his surround sound and his direct TV and his blue ray. Afterwards he invited the whole office to lunch but everyone else had already eaten and so Elder Hildebrandt and I went to go eat at this really nice Italian Restaurant. I had Four Cheese Gnocchi and we got to know President and Hermana Zobrist really well.

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