Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mission Week 43, Arequipa Mission Home

I got the package! It was an amazing day! I almost cried and then when I finally got home I DID CRY!!! I saw the package that you guys had sent me and I opened it and saw every careful wrapped and tied present. I put them all on my bed and was enveloped with a spirit of Christmas(and smell! Thanks for the scentsy bag!). I opened all of the gifts and they were all amazing. I have almost half of them here in the office! I set up the Christmas tree and I have the lights plugged in and everything. I love it so much. I will definitely use it next year wherever I find myself. I could not believe all of the food and clothes and Missionary stuff that I could use. I used the socks and the tie the very next day. I love the tie. I opened up the package of legos and built the ship that very night! I also have that sitting on my desk along with the most amazing calendar I have ever seen and the GO and DO sign. I have gotten so many compliments from so many members who pass by the office about the marble Christ statue. It was an amazing experience for me I will also put the pins and rings to good use. It was so amazing I still cant believe it happened. I opened the jerky first thing and started eating one. I shared them with everyone in the office. The M&Ms were gone within the first day.

Yesterday I had another very spiritual experience. The other day we were preparing for our lessons I was calling everyone because we had planned so many lessons that we had to do divisions I was looking forward to that and all of a sudden people started canceling. One bad phone call after the other left me desperately looking for people to teach. Eventually we gave up the idea of doing divisions and let the other office missionaries take the other member because one of them was so busy he could not leave the office. After going around looking for people we had the impression to go look for Hermano Marcos. Marcos is a recent along with his wife. They have a son, I think he is about a year old. We went to look for him and on the way we passed a man on the street and said LETS GO CONTACT HIM! We talked to him and shared a quick story about the restoration of the gospel. He said that he believed in god but that none of the churches were from god. We asked him when you have a question for god who should you ask. He said a preacher and I told him that if he wanted to know something from god he needed to ask god, and that a young man of fourteen years had the same question as he did and he asked god which church is true. Then we explained the restoration and he said when do you guys go to church. We told him what time and where and then we planned a lesson with him for this Sunday after church. Then we started to walk down the street to go to the house of Marcos and all of a sudden the phone started ringing. It was Marcos. He had gone to look for us in the office and so we jumped in a taxi and went screaming back to the office and we were able to talk to him about the gospel and how it blesses families. It was an extremely spiritual experience that I will never be able to forget. There is a quote from Jeffery R. Holland about when the blessings come and it is "Gods opportunity is Mans extremity" Its when we feel like there is nothing else to give but we decide to give it anyway that god steps in and helps to overfill our cup that may feel empty. I know that this is true. Its in the bleakest times, the hardest times, the saddest times, the darkest times, when we are tired and tested and want to give up so badly but don´t that the lord steps in and can fully shine his light in our lives.

 I love you guys so much and I know that you are in good hands. Thank you for the presents and thank you for the prayers I feel them daily! I love you so very much. 


-Elder Tanner (Shaw)

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