Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mission Week 45, Arequipa Mission Office


This week was a rather tough one. Thought a lot about the advice that you and Dad would give me if I could talk to you. Many times the SUCK IT UP Story came to mind. Interviews with president happened and I told him that all that was left was to suck it up get back up and keep walking forward. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we fall hard but we can always get back up and keep walking.

We are going to go paintballing. I will not participate. Tonight we have three lessons planned and the Assistants have a baptism in our ward so we will invite all of the investigators that we can!

One investigator has been struggling with her parents to get permission to become baptized for almost a year now. She was almost eighteen and she told her parents that she knew it was true and that after she turned 18 she would still want to go through with the baptism however she did not want to do it without getting their permission and the other day she ran into the church with the biggest smile on her face and I knew that she would be baptized in a relatively short amount of time. It was a good day in the ward and everyone in the ward council had watched her progress for so long and to see her become baptized is a great victory for the lord. The lessons are with a few less actives and two young men who are not extremely interested in the church but their family members are members and they would like to learn more. EXTREMELY SMART KIDS! The older one Kevin is so interested and opened minded. It is absolutely amazing. Good news, Ezra, a member who lives here and is constantly hanging out with us is going to give me all the photos that he has. It will be awesome. Bad news, Elder Muñoz got an emergency change back into the field and the new materials secretary has not figured out how to pick up the package yet. It is here in Arequipa.
Love Elder Tanner

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