Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mission Week 46, Arequipa Mission Office


Guess what! Yesterday I was throwing up like CRAZY!!! I was super sick I could not even keep a little bit of Gatorade down. It was terrible! Then I got a blessing and cried because I could feel how much love my companion and my heavenly father has for me and slept the whole day. I woke up this morning and I am not eating anything solid but I feel Great! So about last week when I said that I was not going to go paint balling I went and Ezra told me that if his little sister was going to do it then I had to do it. In the end I played. My team won every single time except once. Webb asked me if I was going to join a branch of the Military what would I join because I was super good! Everyone immediately started shooting like crazy. I was super conservative with my ammo and was basically the supply guy because everyone was always running out but I always had more that I shared. I had a ton of fun! It was amazing. I will put the pictures in the one drive folder! How do you like the one drive folder! 

Transfers are hard for everyone. I especially do not like them. Elder Webb gets to travel because he is an assistant to the president he went to
Moquegua and said hi to Mamita Luz. She sent me a piece of cake and said para mi hijo flacito. (For my skinny son)

I really wanted to eat the cake last night but I decided against it. I will save it for tonight. I loved the Jerky that you guys sent in the mail. I was super good! Everyone else loved it too! I only have one bag left but I think I am going to open it up today.
I cannot believe how tall Maddy has gotten! She looks so grown up! I cannot believe it. She is finishing up her Sophomore year right. That is insane! She only has two years left! She is going to be so big by the time I get back! Can you believe it? I also hit my year mark three days ago! Now everything is downhill. Everyone says that the second year flies by! I cannot believe it. In less than a year from now I will be on a plane heading home. 

We had divisions with the zone leaders the other day and It was absolutely insane. We had four lessons which is a lot for us considering we only have four hours to teach. Two out of the three houses that we went to we gave blessings. One was a blessing of health for Hermana Anita, she was working all day and her Arthritis was giving her a really hard time. She is a radiological technician. She loves the gospel and is full of love for our savior. She is the only member in her family and she wants so badly for her family to come to accept the truth.  He has been talked to by so many missionaries and he never progresses. It makes me sad but I know now is just not his time. Hermana Anita’s daughter was in town so we took the time to teach her a lesson before giving her mom the blessing. 
Love Elder Tanner

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