Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 49, Arequipa Mission Office

This week has been great we have had tons of training and I have been able to get a small amount of work done thanks to the welcoming of the new missionaries and the leaving of old ones and the zone conferences and then the leadership conferences BUT Elder Holguin and I said that we would not let the number of extra things we had to do become a burden on our area and we would still try and get as many lessons in as we usually did. In the office the missionaries average 15-20 lessons a week. Right now we have 15 but we have the goal to make it to 21 because Sunday is a special day its the day we get to be missionaries!  We have a baptism next week and we had one last week. I cannot remember if I told you but the work is going great! I have being improving my teaching skill and My companion has been hinting that president has a leadership role in store for me. We have been finding tons of people and we have been teaching a ton too. Elder Holguin is going to leave the office this change and he is determined to leave it with more progressing investigators than any other area in the mission. Elder Holguin is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever met and I am so glad I get to learn from his example.  sorry that is all for the week people are calling me from different places and Secretary work is taking over my life! LOVE YOU MOM. Be safe happy and keep being joyful!
When you talked about your training it reminded me of a training we had in the mission. At first I was not going to go because I am not a district leader, however president thought it necessary that all the district leaders and their companions come to the training. Elder Holguin is my companion and District leader while having the special assignment of Personal Secretary. I thought having the assignment of Elder Tanner would be a burden enough but president sure has seen a ton of potential in him and he is doing everything really well. During the Training president talked about what it meant to be a leader in the mission and how we as companions of district leaders needed to be prepared to take on the mantle and responsibility of our companions at any moment. The second part was a discussion led by the assistants. They asked for difficulties that the zone leaders had been having. It was fun to be there but the first part was a lot more applicable to my situation in the mission and I was able to give my opinion as a non leader missionary. After the conference I talked to my companion about how he thought our district was doing. He explained how we needed to keep improving and then told me that I needed to be prepared to be the new district leader because the new district leader will be my future companion or me. I am super excited for my future companion. I know he is going to be one of two missionaries because there are only two missionaries that are secretary material. Anyways I am a little worried about the change that is coming up but I do not dwell on it. Love you a lot dad. Thank you for always teaching me the things I would  need on my mission.

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