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Elder Tanner

Monday, February 29, 2016

Mission Week 50, Arequipa Mission Office

This week has been relatively strange.

So here in South America People always greet other people with Besos which is a kiss on the cheek which we DO NOT DO  as missionaries. Neither my Companion or I can figure out why but for some reason I have almost been kissed on the cheek a handful of times however, Thanks to my extremely long arms I just extend out my hand and give them the good old cordially handshake and  I manage to keep them all at bay.


Right now it is not very cold or hot but there is a little bit of rain, this city is not built for rain and every time it rains the rivers rise and the streets become rivers and houses flood and rivers are filled with bricks that look like chocolate ice cubes floating down a chocolate river. It is not even that much rain... Yesterday the assistants helped evacuate an apartment complex that minutes later collapsed and went floating away. I have been doing well health wise in spite of walking drenched every now and then in the streets. I am using the umbrella and the Cabootles jacket. My old shoes got a whole in them but I found a brand new pair of shoes just sitting in the apartment that I have been putting to great use. they are called mission shoes and they are about the most durable things I have ever found. 


Tomorrow we have another baptism Hermano Raul! He is awesome. He has such a strong testimony of the church and book of Mormon he is ready to accept whatever it is the prophets tell him to do because he knows it is the only way he will be able to find true happiness in life. He has a super strong testimony and he is so ready!


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