Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mission Week 44, Arequipa Mission Home

I have been doing extremely well. I have been having a great time in the office. I have been learning tons of new ways to work more efficiently and I have become very good at counting money! I can see the importance of a budget and organization skills and I have been applying more effort to both of those skills in my life. We currently are teaching a couple and they are struggling with the family. We were in a lesson and their marriage was hanging by a thread.  The situation was extremely delicate and we were able to help them see that this is not what God wanted. That they were going to have to let go of the past and Fight for the family that they wanted. Another couple of recent converts have been having marital issues due to the dependency that one has to her parents. I know one thing though. When we do all we can the lord provides the rest. 

This week I have been learning lots of new ways to teach and ways to help people understand Doctrinal Principles. My teaching skills have tanked a little since coming into the office. We do not get to do much teaching but when we do I always feel the spirit. Right now we are teaching about 4 Investigators, 8 less actives and about 15 Recent converts. We have been focusing a lot on helping the less actives come back to church because that is something that the ward has definitely struggled with. We have four less actives who are all coming to church and learning tons and reaching out to friends and family and inviting us to teach them. I have been studying a lot harder. It has been a ton of fun to see how the lord guides you in your studies for your lessons. I am also looking for a way to learn Spanish while in the office. I have been looking up tons of synonyms and I have been trying to improve my vocabulary base. 

My week has gone really great.  I hope all goes well with the weather! 



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