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Elder Tanner

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mission Week 72 & 73, Tacna Peru

This week we were having a tough week with my companion, We had passed many dificulties but we kept positive trusting in god. Before we left to go to church this sunday I felt the need to pray after reading Mathew 7 verse 7 pondering deeply in Knock and it shall be opened unto you. We needed the windows of heaven to open and I was determined to ask for a miracle. After a short fervent prayer I walked out the door expecting nothing less than a complete milagro. In our Gospel principles class I was giving the lesson and I invited an ancient investigator to talk to the bishop, She had expressed her desires to be baptized but had always had a few doubts. I told her that if she wanted to be baptized she needed to talk to the bishop. I do not know why that is what came to my mind. Later that day when the bishop entered into the consejo de barrio he said that the lady had fixed her doubts and accepted to be baptized latter this week with her two sons. Here in Ferroviarios we have seen the results of being obedient in the morning and Diligent in the afternoon and We are seeing the miracles!
its cold... super super cold. i have been freezing since i got here. i am here as a zone leader. Tacna is also a zone all by itself. It has 32 missionaries. 

My companion is elder behotas. he is a little similar to me but we will learn a lot together. He is a new zone leader. he only has one change as a zone leader. the two of us we be in a huge struggle to keep on top of all the things to do for the zone while still working with the area.
I was on a bus for seven hours.... I have no idea how cold it is but I am FREEZING

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