Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, August 29, 2016

Mission Week 76 & 77, Tacna Peru

This week... Oh my gosh. I have  never had such a stressful week ever. This week we almost lost one of the missionaries who we really need here. He is only eighteen and he is very stressed. He has had some health problems and the mission nurse did not help him a ton. The doctors here are super un organized and literally just told him to buy a hard bed and told him to leave. I was upset because I saw a missionary so stressed and confused that he just wanted to throw in the towel. Seeing him being stressed I went to the bank and took out around sixty dollars in soles and I told him we are going to go to the clinic and have them look at you know and they will tell us exactly what we need to do. I did it without asking for permission and I knew that the mission was not going to pay for it because they had already sent him to the clinic. I in that moment felt like I needed to have him seen. He went to the clinic had a few tests done and for the first time I saw him relax and the stress left. The mission will not be able to reimburse me but I knew it was worth it. If that is what it takes to help this missionary end his mission strong I will do it.

This week we have been able to work a little bit in the area but not a ton. A lot of the investigator did not make it to church however Evelyn DID GO!!! She is the suprise blessing of the week. She is making lots of changes in her life but is also the most determined. I was so happy to see her yesterday in the church. we had a lesson with her and she is not giving up she will take her time in picking a date but she is not going to give up.

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