Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mission Week 34 Pocollay

super good place to eat I ate ostrich and Alpaca and Cow!

This week was really slow however we are finding lots of new people and recieving tons of references! We did not do anything super spectacular or amazing but we might have a baptism next week his name is david and he has gone to church four times and he is going to get baptized however we do not know when... I have lost two kilos and I am back to 56 kilos :( Mama Luz is mad at me... She says I need to go back to moquegua. My ankle now is just a minor nuisance. I love my ward and my area! I found a child in our ward who was baptized only because He liked the elders who were teaching him... He has never read the book of Mormon.... He is a little anti social but we freaking love the kid! He lives in Pachia. Super lehos(far)!! It would be like the of star also teaching a small family in melba! That was my week! I have met amazing new people who do not know that they want to progress yet! 

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