Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Week Eight Moquegua

This week we had the oppourtunity to have a weekend activity in the ward building. We invited everyone that we could but not very many people came, but one who did was an investigator of ours named susan. During the activity we watched The Other Side of Heaven, Its a disney movie based on a true story of a missionary in tonga(its made by disney and its got Anne Hathaway). It was the first time that i had ever watched the movie and I was amazed at the story of this one missionary! At the conclusion of the movie we asked everyone how they felt and our Investigator Susan told us how much she loved this video and that she could feel the spirit. She said that this video is  something that everyone should watch no matter what religion. She shared her testimony that missionaries change lives and that she wouldn`t be the same without Elder Bonilla and I. 


It was amazing for me to see the impact that the Lord had made on someones life. After the movie I was talking with my Zone leader Elder Webb. He expressed how the movie had redetermined his desire to serve the Lord. We talked about the Zone of Moquegua and how many missionaries refer to it as one of the harder zones but after watching this movie of a missionary sent to a tiny Island with no knowledge of the language or the people with difficulties beyond anything that I could Imagine, We were humbled. In reality I have never known anywhere else on the mission but truthfully I don`t really want to go anywhere else! Moquegua for me is absolutely amazing. The People here are stubborn but the Lord is just as equally Determined. When ever i am having a difficulty with my companion or a person in my area I go and read about an attribute of christ that I need to improve on. All of you should watch the movie and ponder in your life how can I help build the Kingdom of God. Moreover, Realize that we are all tools in the hands of god. In What shape do we want to be when he decides its our turn to help build the kingdom of god. Do we want to be a little bit dusty and rusty with signs that its been a while. Or do we want to be polished and shining ready to work in whatever work the lord requires.... But how can we tell if we have gathered a little bit of dust? My advice Look at your scriptures. Do they look a little unused, have they gathered a little bit of dust? Well Dust them off an open them up because your scriptures are the words that god has for you and wants you to hear! We must show God that we are ready to be made useful but first we must prepare ourselves for the work.


Elder Tanner


The picture is of Elder Dennis and Elder Gessiel (The two elders from Mollendo Who were evacuated a long time ago)

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