Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mission Week Nine Moquegua

I may have been in the mission for a good few weeks but we had a lesson that changed how i viewed the work of the lord! We were planning on having a Noche Misional but no one showed up except one investigator. We decided that we could  use our time more wisely by teaching a lesson. After a very powerful lesson(Thanks to Elder Bonilla! He can teach with the spirit and sometimes I forget that we have investigators to teach because I learn so much about the doctrine from him!) Our investigator told us that she was looking forward to her baptism this weekend and that she was having terrible dreams of a really dark past that she had. She has talked to the bishop and is changing her life so much but after these dreams, She Feels like she cant be accepted by god, not because He is angry or mad at her but she feels so ashamed of her past.

 This investigator found us in the street and told us that we needed to visit her in her house. We taught her twice and then all of our other appointments fell through. After three weeks of not being in contact with this investigator, She suprised us by coming to church, Telling us that she knows this is where she was suppose to go because she was praying to know and immediately after found the tarjeta that we had given her. She has a baptismal date and she began talking to the bishop before we invited her to. She is coming to chruch instead of working and she doesnt have money for food. She is trying so hard to change her life and Its amazing to see how much she has already changed!
 I have always known that being on a mission isnt about baptizing people, its about converting people. With this experience I have learned that the Lord is the one who converts people whether we are ready or not, However, when we are ready to help the Lord in his work he can edify us in every aspect of our lives too! I hope that I can be ready to help every person that the lord has prepared for me because his work will come to pass in his time, with or without me. If I am ready to work, He will permit me to participate!

It was an Awesome fun day to spend 2 hours with Shaw.  He couldn't see us for a good portion of the video chat, but his smile never waivered.  He is doing well, loves the work, food and people. All his siblings were able to see him on Mother's day and speak with him.  How we love him.

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