Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission Week Ten Moquegua

Friendly boy Elder Tanner sat next to while sending his weekly email today.  Like his new hair cut?

This week I feel like the lord opened up the windows of heaven and poured out so many blessings here in Moquegua! We had the Baptism of our investigator Susan Tapia. I will say it took several miracles for this to pass. Several large miracles! It was absolutely amazing. After Susan had her interview with our District leader she was devastated because she was told that she would have to wait to be interviewed by someone for the mission presidency, but she had faith in God and He was probably trying her faith at this time. She told us that it is easy to be grateful when you are blessed but what about when we are being tried? Later she was able to talk to President Zobrist and she was given the option to be baptized. She talked to her son because she wanted him very badly to be at her baptism but Her son told her that if she knew it was true and she knew that she was going to be baptized she couldn't afford to wait! We had her son connected to the baptism through Skype and I had the blessing to watch as a son watched his mother find the truth that he had found so long ago! It was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot from the experience!

The biggest lesson for me, Where is my faith, where is my confidince. Its Easy to be happy when you are being blessed and when you are having success, however, What is our disposition through opposition? How do we respond to trials and challenges? Are we responding with patience and love, Or have we grown so accustomed to the state of success that we turn away from something difficult. If I was denied my salvation, how would I respond... Would I think to pray and ask god what more I needed to learn? I hope that I can fallow the example of Susan Tapia and respond to oposition with positivity! 
Love Elder Tanner

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