Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mission Week Fourteen Moquegua

Its been a week, it has not felt like a week. I feel like the time in my mission is sand slipping through my fingers. Right now we plenty of people to teach but not enough time to teach all of them! We have started to work a little bit more with our Ward council but its a bit hard when your ward mission leader tries to through you under the bus when he has not completed an assignment... It caught me off gaurd, I was suprised and a little offended but we cannot hold grudges. We have been working more with the less actives and part member families and I found that a huge barrier between us and the investigators was a complete lack of relationship. We need to teach and know the doctrine but we also need to listen to those we teach. Elder Guzman has helped me to learn to have patience with our investigators and Less actives. It is amazing to see how much love he has for the people of moquegua. Elder Guzman is a very different companion than Elder Bonilla. I knew more about Elder Guzman in the first few days than I knew about Elder Bonilla in the whole time we were companions. I feel really guilty because I never really knew my companion and its deffinately my fault but I feel like Elder Guzman is my brother! We have been sharing a mormon message about how we can find Jesus christ in our lives no matter what the moment is. I have definately been looking much harder for what my heavenly father wants me to learn from times of difficulties and hardships. Thank you for your time and your advice!
Love Elder Tanner

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