Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mission Week Thirteen Moquegua

Here it is


Well this week has been a whole new experience with my new companion Elder Guzman. It has only been a week but I feel like we are working harder and more importantly I feel like we are working together. It was quite the change but we have great companionability  and camaraderie. I feel like I am actually making a diference in our investigators lifes. We have been working on finding new ways to present the lessons to some of our investigators whom we have been teaching for a long time. Right now We dont have anyone on the verge of being baptized but I am not letting that get me down. We never will know when heavenly father will drop a prepared investigator or less active right in our way. 


Looking back at how much I have changed from when I left my home it is amazing. I was sitting in the gospel doctines class with one of our investigators and realized that I was not straining to understand what the teacher was talking about or teaching. It is amazing to me that in these short four months I have grown so much mentally. I find that my problem solving skills are faster and my reaction time is quicker and even my balance has improved in the mission. 

I have also seen major spiritual growth in my life for some reasons I will get the urge to talk about something completely off topic but it leads to a gospel doctrine that is close to the investigators life. I have a much deeper knowledge of the scriptures too. yesterday our investigator was talking about how she does not understand how everyone can be resurrected and for the first time in my mission I had known exactly where to go in my scriptures because I was already opened to the page! It was Alma explaining to his son what the ressurrection means. 


I would like to tell you how much moquegua has changed in my time here. I feel like the entire mentality has changed profoundly. We have become unified and we are working together as the zone of Moquegua.


From San Francisco,


Elder Tanner

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