Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mission Week Twelve Moquegua

I freaking love moquegua! Before Elder Webb came in we hadnt had a ton of great leadership. It was kind of known for not being the best zone.  We are having more success than we have ever had before and I am glad that I get to be a part of it! We had the most baptisms out of all the zones this change and we are having a change in every single companionship except two i think... Everyone before expected moquegua to be the area where everyone struggled but now its a ton more!!!
Its really strange that Elder Bonilla is going to be leaving and I am not sure how to react. I have been told that Elder Guzman is a very hard worker and I look forward to being his companion. Its strange I don´t know how I should feel at this time but I am sure everything will work out fine. We had a pretty hard ward council today. The members are expecting a lot from the missionaries (Which they should) But a lot of times they don't realize the difference that the missionaries make. We are just going to have to work harder and keep on trying to do what's right and keep on improving. 

We had a baptism and good news is Denise is very excited to be a member and her daughter has decided that in due time she wants to be baptized also. Its amazing to see how fast the rock cut from the mountain without hands is consuming the whole earth. 

Also I punched a Doberman Pinscher and all is well! God is always watching over his missionaries!
Everyone is saying that Moquegua has a new spirit and sense of pride but thats all for this week! Love you tons mom!


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