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Elder Tanner

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mission Week Twenty Three Pocollay, Tacna

This week we had changes and I am no longer in my beloved Moquegua, I am in Pocollay. Pocollay is in Tacna. Tacna is about the size of boise it is beautiful. Its much greener than My desert flower moquegua. I do not think I will have any problem finding a camera battery here! Our area is huge! I am in Pocollay 3 there are six missionaries in a single ward! Its a HUGE area! We have a baptism this saturday, after all things were said and down Juana ran into a few doubts and postponed her baptism date but I am so greatful that she had the courage to do so and wait until she and the lord are ready for her baptism! I will miss the Vargas Family and the tapia family dearly I dont have any pictures but Elder Guzmán will send them to me today! That stinks about the fires!

Pocollay is amazing, I live with my companion Elder Perez. He is the youngest of 8 kids and the second missionary in his family! He is a little short but he is super hilarious! I have been laughing a ton! Also ELDER HEATH IS IN MY ZONE OF TACNA!!! Also Bonilla is here too but he is on the other side of Tacna! I am going to see if I can visit my old pensionista she is coming to Tacna with her daughter mafer to compete in a gymnast contest

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