Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Week Twentytwo Moquegua/San Francisco

In little words: This week has been hard but a good one. Two days we left and we only we could only find two people to teach but those two lessons were fantastic. We also had divisions with our district leaders. Elder Turnblom and I were able to find many of the investigators who had been eluding us for quite some time. Eliodoro shared with us his feelings and he told us that he could not say that he did not have the ability to go to church and that he needed to make changes so he could go every week! It was amazing to see how one of our investigators can see the importance of going to church. One thing that many of the less actives here struggle with... Our Ward council did a 180 this week! They are really focused in the families but before it was dificult to plan with them but this week we planned with the spirit! In every aspect of the mission the Holy Ghost is crucial! I have realized that without it I really cannot do anything let alone talk. Our Zone Conference was amazing and Elder Guzman and I have been thinking about potiential, and how we have unlimited potential how much more we have to achieve. Excuses exist but when it comes down to it is our determination versus the devils and we decide who will win. I am looking forward to the multi zone conference in tacna with anticipation. 


In detail: This week we had an activity with the primary, We went to the streets and contacted people, It was good to see a recent convert Nilda talking to people left and right! We had about 80 missionaries that day! Some young and some old but everyone worked together to tell everyone the blessings that they could recieve through the blessings of the gospel. I was suprised and that at the end of the activity I was asked to give my testimony! I did not think much of it and that the kids would be distracted... I got up to the pulpit and it was intimidating to see 80 little pairs of eyes staring right at me. I remembered the look of a childs eyes as she her brother and her mom were running away from an abusive situation. Eyes that looked up to me like I was some kind of super hero. I remember how I used to look at the missionaries when I was little. It made me think... What more can I do to be the superhero that these kids deserve, these eighty kids who were going to be missionaries. It touched my heart and I started to cry but quickly regained myself and started testifying sobre los cosas que son mas importantes en este vida. Que nosotros necesitamos los bendiciones del evangelio! Realmente Ellos son el futuro del evangelio. Les amo mucho siempre voy a recordarlos!

 El siguiente Día Fuimos a la casa de Nilda Y la encontremos haciendo un cometa Grandote! La ayudamos terminarlo y fuimos a volear lo. (Lo siento for the spanish) We took her giant kite up to the big hill close to her house and it took to the air. We talked about the holy ghost and how he is like wind we cant see him but we know he is hear because we can feel his presence. Just then we saw an investigator whom we had been searching for! Eliodoro he shared that he was still very interested and wanted to learn more and we are going to ask him if he would like to get baptized in the near future and start preparing him! We have been running into so many people that we have not been able to find before. Elder Turnblom and I left the room with two lessons that we planned ahead of time and the lord blessed us for having faith and he guided us to people that were in dire need of finding us! My message for you all this week is follow the promptings of god whole heartedly, he will bless you and you will always be able to see the path that you have walked after the trial of your faith. The Lord will guide your footsteps one at a time and you will find yourself walking strange new paths and you will learn that you can always trust in the lord! I have a testimony of the guidance of the lord! He is here and he will always find something that we can do if we take the time to listen.

Elder Tanner

The kite is also another lesson we can teach! This kite is amazing. It represents the imagination of a child and the lack of pride, the humility and diligence of Nilda! Nilda lives in a poorer part of san fancisco. you can see the houses behind Elder Turnblom and I, They are not much more that wood with a tin roof. Many children live here and they are some of the happiest I have ever seen! They do not have grass or televisions, a lot of them don't have running water and they have to wait for their turn to receive their water from a hose but they are always extremely happy. This kite is made from nothing but recycled from broken wooden fences and walls. They use plastic garbage sacks and what yarn they can find... its amazing to see the ingenuity of all these little kids.

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