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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mission Week 58, Areqiupa Mission Office

Today we went to Chivay! Its a tiny little town. We actually went up yesterday night and we stayed the night in the missionaries old house. It was a ton a fun. It was a little bit not fun but we had a lot of fun moments. We went to Colca It is the worlds largest canyon. IT IS TWICE AS DEEP AS THE GRAND CANYON! I am pretty wiped out from the trip and I am glad to be back in Arequipa! I bought maddy a shirt made out of alpaca! Still have to send that package 

I did get some pictures I will be sure to send you some do not have them with me at the moment...

I want to talk to maddy! I feel UBER tired... I am wiped out from that trip.

I called my re emplacement today to tell him that he had an emergency change. that means in three weeks I will finally be leaving the office... can you believe it. It was like yesterday that I got here. The mission is just flying by. This next area will be my second to last.

Chivay is three hours away. It is probably one of the most dangerous roads in the mission... There were four TERRIBLE car accidents on the way back luckily we were not participants of those accidents. How are the HIghtowers doing? I have not talked to paul in over a year!

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