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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mission Week 61, Ferroviarios Peru

I am still in Arequipa. I literally just moved a tiny bit to get into my new area!
Well I am here in a new area with Elder Soria. Our room is super tiny! We do have hot water in the shower and that was a huge relief. Our pension is amazing! About the alergy thing. It was not just a little skin rash I did have intoxication. That night after we talked to you I went home and took a warm shower but I found that about half of my body was covered in HUGE hives. It was terrible. I was not very happy. I thought I might be fine after a warm shower but then I felt and tightening in my throat and I had a hard time swallowing. We ran to the emergency room and They gave me and IV and I was being pumped full of medicine to stop the alergic reaction or whatever it was that was happening. After that they gave me some medicine to help me and I am going to have to go back to get my blood analyzed in a few days. I am doing great I just cannot eat anything super sketchy.

Papito our taxi guy who was a doctor took care of me and I was with Elder Acosta. We had a fun time though and took pictures... I did not get any pictures of the hives but I do have some in the hospital bed. Sunday we were all so tired during church we had an early morning and a late night... But everything is all good now! Do not worry to much It was not that bad! I was Just really uncomfortable for a few minutes, I am just really excited to get to know a new area, my new companion and the new challenges that the mission can present but i am super excited to get back to the work.

but as Joseph B Wirthlin said, "Come what may and love it" !!!

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