Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mission Week 95, Tacna Peru "Opportunities to serve and love"

 Monday Jan 9, 2017

We cannot compare ourselves to others. The mission is not a competition. When we start to compete against others in our mission we put a limit to the blessings that we want to receive from God. A long distance runner always competes against himself comparing old and new times looking for ways to improve his performance.  If a Long distance runner stops focusing on his goals and focus himself on others he might sacrifice his own progress and become satisfied with being faster than another runner when in reality he could not only beat the other runner but many more.
I loved the message about comparing resulting in Pride or discouragement.  In talk of President Leguia he shared about a parent correcting a child and said that God corrects us.  He has two sons, one who he saw was loosing his way; with tears in his eyes he expressed his love for his wayward child but still longed for him to come back to the gospel.  God does not want to discourage us.  He loves us and will correct us but does not want to discourage us.  I have seen many runners who become satisfied with less than their full potential because they compare themselves with other runners.  Many times we as missionaries see baptisms or leadership positions as a form of recognition.  They are wrong.  It gives us opportunities to serve and love.

-Elder Tanner

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