Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Monday, January 30, 2017

Mission Week 98, Umacollo Peru; "Plant good habits in the mission and cultivate them at home."

The mission no longer has weekly indicator of lessons they only count the following Baptisms confirmations, New investigators baptismal dates and church assistance.

This week has been great. I have noticed that with the new indicators we can really focus on our goal as missionaries. Before sometimes I stressed over the goals for lessons in a day. Sometimes as a missionary I found myself teaching ineffective lessons just to complete the goal. I understand that Lessons are still a key part of the progress of the investigators and we will always teach lessons but now we are not focused on teaching lessons for the simple fact that we teach lessons. I was talking with Elder Mendoza about it this week. We talked about how one of the companionship's in our zone had always had so many lessons every single week back to back there numbers were huge, However for the last few months none of their many investigators who have baptismal dates had NOT entered into the covenant of baptism. We could teach more than 30 or 40 lessons in a week and I am sure we would be feeling great and loving the opportunity to teach HOWEVER if none of our goals for the month become baptized, Were those 40 or 50 Lessons very effective? No. With the new indicators we are really focusing on finding people and with the spirit getting them to the faunt. I love the new indicators and we have found that they help us to focus on those who are willing to progress and not teach those who are only ready to Listen.
This week we had a lot of fun teaching more people and focusing on the spirit. We have been looking for the people who are willing to progress. It was amazing to see how focusing more on the needs of people and the spirit helped all of them keep their commitment to go to church.

The gospel is true and I love it. I will not stop sharing it. I loved what the mission council talked about in terms of applying the mission after returning home. Plant good habits in the mission and cultivate them at home. That is definately my plan!

ALSO!!!! We had an investigator named Benancio go to church for the second time and the ward mission was talking about Priesthood and how a worthy holder must pay tithing. Our investigator went to the bishop and told him that he needed to teach him how to pay tithing and HE PAID TITHING!!! He is an investigator and he is paying tithing! I could not believe it. An amazing sunday.

Elder Tanner

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