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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mission Week 96 & 97, Umacollo Peru; "Do we have a Dog?" "Last Transfer"!!


MOM!!! :D Love you so much I got changed back to arequipa. Was on a long bus ride and did not have any time to write. I will get you more details and photos next week. I am in the UMACOLLO stake with Elder Mendoza! He is from Bolivia! We are going to have lots of fun we are zone leaders of two Large stakes. The office is in the zone! I am really close to umacollo! Love you tons mom!!!! QUESTION: ¿Do we have a DOG?😲


So this week has been a little bit to take on. For the first few days I felt like I was underwater. The stress and the anxiety got me so worked up I could not understand what was being said in the lessons and my Spanish stopped working. Elder Mendoza is a great missionary but there are a few character traits that make him a very unique companion. He is a very timid and shy. I have been working on gaining his confidence and helping him to get to know a little bit more about being a zone leader. He lacks a lot of basic social skills that many of my other companions have had.  He is an only child and he and his mom are the only converts in their family. He is fairly relaxed with the missionaries and hard on the investigators. I went through a few panic attacks but I think I can help Elder Mendoza with the zone.
The biggest difficulty and frustration that I have had with the zone is not knowing anything. It has been a large part that gets my spirits down because I would like to do exactly what I did in Tacna with Elder Velasquez or Elder Cleverly but its not the same. I love the missionaries in Tacna. I am new and I have yet to develop a relationship with the Elders Here but that just means I will have to try that much harder with the time I have. I also still do not know how to treat the Elders in the office thats an enigma but we will present you the idea when we go to visit you for interviews!

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