Elder Tanner

Elder Tanner

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mission Week 28 Pocollay

This week was a very humbling week and definately a week of growing. I have definately been able to see how someone can change there life through the gospel. The other day Elder Perez and I went to visit a recent convert and she showed us that she had shared the name of her Grandfather through Family search and It showed that He had been baptized and confirmed and she is now waiting to see the other ordinances done. She was so happy and she keeps on ¨nourishing her family tree to help it grow more and more.

Elder Perez and I have been doing well. I am very pleased with this past week. We have been planning more and studying harder and working more as a companionship. We had a mountain of visits fall through. These last two days we had everything planned ahead of time and not a single planned visit happened. Saturday at about seven thirty I was really frustrated and I just looked up and asked what is it that you want us to do because we are trying and its not working, and I got the feeling like that was what I needed to do. I needed to ask god what he wants and less of what I want. I need to be more loving and humble. After that I sat down and talked to Elder Taylor at the dinner table and I just found answers to questions and they were not complicated answers just things I had forgotten.
Why is this week so hard?
The Lord wants this week to be hard!
Why did all of our visits fall through?
The Lord had other plans for us to do!
Why is there so much pain and suffuring in the lives of the people here in peru?
The Lord loves them enough and He knows that everything they suffer through will only make them stronger!
I have to be honest IT KILLS ME to see how people live here. I feel so shallow and spoiled! I think you know how empathetic I can be and it hurts and I cannot even begin to imagine..

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